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Naturale - the name says it all. Lime in one of its most natural forms is not only diffusible (breathable) and regulates room humidity, it also gives the wall surfaces a unique appearance. Thanks to the possibility of tinting in thousands of colours, there are virtually no limits to individuality. An almost immeasurable variety of possible surfaces offers the right design for every style of furnishing.

Noble - restrained, fresh and present, calm and relaxing - the possibilities are as numerous as the demands on modern room design. Lime marble plasters from MATEREA achieve a particularly healthy room climate thanks to their special formulation and the resulting moisture regulation. This not only gives you "breathing" walls, but also a unique design with a unique colour and texture.


MATEREA Naturale powder is a medium-coat, easy-to-use dry mortar based on lime marble for the decorative design of walls.

Depending on how it is applied, Naturale Powder can be textured or smooth. The material is non-combustible, breathable and moisture-regulating. Naturale powder is available in 32 exclusive MATEREA colours.

Naturale Powder
fine | medium | coarse

MATEREA Naturale fine | medium | coarse lime marble plaster is a high-quality, mineral and easy-to-use ready-mixed mortar.

Naturale fine has a grain thickness of up to 0.3 mm (medium up to 0.5 mm and coarse up to 0.7 mm) and is always applied to grain thickness. Depending on the desired surface, it can be textured, smoothed, scratched, rubbed or pressed. Naturale is open to diffusion and moisture-regulating after application.

Naturale fine | medium | coarse is available in over 2000 colours.

Naturale fine | medium | coarse
B-Ton, concrete optic

MATEREA B-ton has a striking and modern aesthetic that suits various architectural styles. Its natural texture and colour give rooms a contemporary and industrial feel.

Due to its ingredients, B-ton is a very robust material that is significantly more stable than other surfaces. It is alkaline and therefore mould-preventing, diffusible, moisture-regulating and also ensures pleasant acoustics.

MATEREA B-tone is a high-quality, label-free mineral dry mortar. The extremely long working time (approx. 80 minutes at 20 C° room temperature) ensures high surface performance during application and significantly reduced material consumption.

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