Jointless Surfaces


What began many years ago with lime-based products, culminating in the numerous microcement products, changed to plastic-bonded materials due to the many product-related difficulties. Many dispersion-bonded finished products were the next stage of development in the jointless market. But here, the lack of permanent pressure resistance (e.g. furniture legs) and the basic tendency to absorb water were a major issue.

So something had to change again. 2022 - a year of development. At the beginning of 2023, the time had come. Our 2c product was ready for use. Initially only intended for the Edle Räume network and as a private label product, T-Razzino+ also found its way onto the market via MATEREA in 2023. As a result, various uncertainties surrounding seamless trowelled surfaces are finally a thing of the past.  

Super-easy processing, incredible stability, 100 per cent water resistance and impermeability combined with an unprecedented variety of surfaces - that's T-Razzino.  

And we are proud of it!


With the MATEREA T-Razzino product line, we are pushing the boundaries of what was previously possible. With T-Razzino+ in the two grain sizes, seamless surfaces are not only beautiful and generous in their effect, the very special formulation enables 100% waterproofness, water resistance and incredible stability. Processing is easier and less stressful than ever before. The fact that highly decorative surfaces are also possible with T-Razzino+ makes the whole thing even more rounded and opens up more and unimagined possibilities in the great theme of "seamless/jointless".

T-Razzino 1c is the "light version". T-Razzino 1c is a single-component product that can be used immediately and is suitable for less exposed surfaces such as furniture, wall surfaces outside the shower area and also floor surfaces that are not walked on with street shoes. Not suitable for floors in bathrooms and corridors.


MATEREA T-Razzino+ fine is a high-quality, polymer-based, 2-component product with mineral fillers. As hard as epoxy resin, but without the unacceptable ingredients. Waterproof, waterproof, non-brittle and diffusible. A pot life of over 2 hours and super-easy processing make T-Razzino+ a real game changer.

T-Razzino+ is available in two grain sizes and thousands of colours can be tinted according to NCS, RAL, etc.

T-Razzino+ is always applied to grain thickness (grain thickness up to 0.3 mm). After curing, T-Razzino+ is waterproof, watertight and mechanically resilient. Tinting is carried out using a suitable mixing system or high-quality pigment pastes. Pot life at 20° approx. 2 hours.

T-Razzino 1c

Is the more favourable all-purpose weapon for jointless surfaces with lower loads such as wall surfaces without water exposure and without punctual pressure loads. Nevertheless, it is very resistant and easy to apply. Plinth areas in corridors, stairwells, furniture fronts or wall surfaces with increased cleaning requirements and splash resistance.  

MATEREA T-Razzino 1c is a high-quality, polymer-based, finished product with mineral fillers.

T-Razzino is always applied to grain thickness and is splash-proof and mechanically resilient after curing. Tinting is carried out using a suitable mixing system or high-quality pigment pastes.

Ad-Just anti-sagging agent

Ad-Just is a mineral anti-sagging agent for T-Razzino+ coarse.  

With the addition of 15% Ad-Just, T-Razzino+ can be used in higher layer thicknesses to create decorative and slightly textured surfaces.


MATEREA lacquer | clear | matt/gloss is a 2c PU lacquer for surface sealing of levelled surfaces and paintable substrates in the interior.

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