Finishes, glazes and aggregates

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Almost any surface can be patinated, glazed and finished. The MATEREA D-Korith product group makes it possible to create an even more individualised look to suit your personal taste and intended use. Because individuality knows no bounds.

Glazes or additives considerably increase the possibilities for surface design. Wax and impregnation ensure an impeccable finish. Who can say no to that?

Less is more?

The D-Korith product line shows that sometimes less is not more. Glazes and aggregates ensure more refined, more striking and more emotional surfaces. Sometimes more is simply more!

D-Korith glazes

MATEREA D-Korith for the optical metallisation and patination of mineral and non-mineral surfaces.  

D-Korith is ready to use and can be applied to both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. MATEREA D-Korith glazes are available in 12 colour shades.


MATEREA wax for the impregnation and finishing of mineral surfaces such as MATEREA Naturale. MATEREA Wax is ready to use and must not be diluted. MATEREA Wax creates a gloss and dries almost invisibly. On smooth surfaces, wax provides a silky-smooth surface. Perfectly suitable for surfaces with Naturale fine/medium/coarse.

Impregnating soap

MATEREA Impregnating Soap for the impregnation of mineral surfaces such as Naturale or B-Ton. The impregnating soap is ready to use and creates a slightly water- and dirt-repellent surface. Note that the impregnating soap does not provide 100% impregnation!

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